Parker J Workshops

The next workshop is August 11-14 2014 in Asheville, NC

The purpose of this workshop is to allow photographers to find the connection

between the photographic print, the camera and their mind. We all dream up

amazing images in our mind but rarely see them through to the final print.

We have to embrace the technical end of the camera in order to free our minds

to just create or react. We will break through the boring and make something

interesting. We will look far past the obvious. We will fail together and we will

grow together through a series of shooting drills covering light (finding it and

making it), composition, location shoots with models galore, worst case scenarios

and the wonderfully unexpected. This workshop will be what you make it.

One photographer’s creative rut may be just the place you want to be standing.

You will be challenged at any level and you will grow.

There will be a Monday night opening party followed by 2 1/2 days of shooting,

pushing, challenging, editing, bullsh*ting, laughing, crying and learning.

This workshop is directed at the professional wedding and portrait photographer

with an abundance of refined art. For this particular workshop it is a must that

you have a comfortable grasp of the manual operation of your camera.

To help maintain a superior working and learning experience, this workshop

requires an application and portfolio submission prior to acceptance to make sure

that the group is comparable in aptitude. We aren't looking for photo genius here, 

just a firm grasp of the functions of the camera. Don't be scared to submit! 

Your application and retainer of 50% will reserve you a space in this workshop,

but you will not officially be accepted until your portfolio and application have

been reviewed and accepted.

In the event that you do not meet the requirements of this particular workshop,

you may be eligible to hop in the next one that will be tailor made for you.

This workshop will be limited to 10.

An investment of $2200 will include model fees, location fees, artisan breakfast, lunch

and dinner(including the Monday Supper Club!!) and transport while you are here.

You will need to cover your stay and getting here.

I have arranged stay for you at the Mansion where we will be shooting. I would prefer

That we all stay together to get the most of the late nights too.

The cost is around $150/night Most downtown hotels are more than this.

(AVL airport code, CLT is a 2 hr drive, ATL is a 3 hr drive)

For more information or to register please call (828)545-7795

or email to [email protected]





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